DOI: 10.36719/2707-1146/05/21-29
Emin Taleh Mammadov
Azerbaijan Medical University
Hasan Panach Imanli
University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus
Elcin Nizami Huseyn
Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience


Artificial intelligence is a technology developed to make machines think like humans. Aristotle's historical artificial intelligence entered the health sector in the 1970s. The first application for artificial intelligence in the internist-1 field in health care, the Casnet expert system, and MYCIN. This technology was later introduced to many areas of health care. The main purpose of this application is for the benefit of doctors and patients. In general, applications, medical decisions, early diagnosis and treatment, drug development, and medical imaging issues deserve attention. Another important issue is the concern about the benefits of artificial intelligence, as well as the possibility of replacing the physicians in charge when medical decisions are left entirely to artificial intelligence. This study aims to provide readers with general information about the areas where artificial intelligence is used in health care. In this study, 14 applications were examined and outstanding results were observed. When doctors say that a comatose patient cannot wake up, artificial intelligence says that a comatose patient can wake up and the patient can wake up. Other advanced artificial intelligence has shown that it can detect cancer more accurately than 58 skin specialists. One study concluded that artificial intelligence with a predictive treatment approach lowered health care costs by 5 to 9% and could lead to an increase in life expectancy of 0.2 to 1.3 years.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Health Practices, Health Management

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