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Humanities and social sciences
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Main languages of the conference: Azerbaijani, English

Deadline for submission of theses:  28. 06.2022
The date of the conference:            08.07.2022

 DOI will be assigned to the conference proceedings
DOI: 10.36719

International certificate will be presented to the conference participants by«CROSSREF»  organization
Conference materials will be available online in the site and «CROSSREF»organization base

The conference is paid
  • Theses should be written in A4 format in 14 sizes, 1.5 line spacing, Times New Roman font, 2 cm space at the bottom, top and sides of the page
  • The length of theses should be 1-3 pages
  • Theses must contain the author's name, patronymic and surname / eg: Ali Mammad oglu Veliyev /, place of work / in full /, country and city, scientific degree and scientific title of the author, personal e-mail address and telephone number / on the right before the title of the thesis / .
An author who continues his / her education must indicate in his / her       information that he / she is a doctoral student, master's degree or bachelor's degree, depending on the level of education. An author who is not currently studying anywhere and does not have a degree may submit a thesis without mentioning this information (indicating only the city and country of residence).
  • Keywords / not less than 5 words / must be written in Azerbaijani and English
  • Reference should be given with a reference sequence of sources (if any) at the end of the thesis.
  • References should be written in Latin script (transcribed)
  • References should be given in parentheses inside the text. If the author of the opinion is not indicated in the text, it is written in this form / Akhundov, 2005: 201 /; if indicated, it should be noted in this form: A.Akhundov… / 2017: 98 /

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