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Ключевые слова: анальная инконтиненция, объем образующий гель, проктопластика, лечение

Treatment of anal incontinence with Noltrex” bulking gel
The article presents the results of treatment of 27 patients aged 3 to 18 years with a diagnosis of postoperative anal incontinence. Who performed the operation of gel plastic surgery of the anal canal with polyacrylamide gel "Noltrex". Morphological studies were carried out on 10 labarotor mice, body weight 20-22 grams, in the department of experimental biomodelling. The analysis of the conducted studies showed that in 22 (78.3%) patients, after a single injection of the bulking polyacrylamide gel "Noltrex", complete closure of the anus was noted and normal continence was achieved.
When choosing a tactic for the treatment of postoperative anal incontinence in children, an individual approach is required, taking into account the cause leading to this condition. Gel plasty of the anal canal in patients with postoperative anal incontinence is the method of choice and is an alternative to reconstructive plastic surgery. However, it should be noted that it is appropriate and effective in cases where there is no cicatricial change in the anal canal.
Key words: anal incontinence, volume forming gel, proctoplasty, treatment 

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