Aysel Intigam Garayeva
Baku State University


Capability is one of the essential factors that the validity of contract stipulates the existence of it. Contractual capability means capacity and competency of parties. Individuals, legal entities, as well as states and municipalities may act as a party in concluding a contract. In general, it is important for individuals to have full active legal capacity in order to enter into a contract without someone's approval. As a legal matter, there are certain groups of people who are presumed to have no or limited contractual capacity to make an agreement. Minors included in this group must comply with the requirements established by the civil legislation for validity of contracts concluded by them. This article clarifies invalidity issues of contracts concluded by a minor party, necessity of consent and approval of legal representatives for validity of contracts and emancipation of minors.
Key words: active legal capacity, minors, contractual capacity, children, approval of legal representatives, invalidity of contracts concluded by minors, emancipation  

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