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Management of animation in tourism
Animation is a Latin word meaning animation in our language. It is taken from the French word "Anime" and is located in our language. In French, the word "anime" means animation. Animation generally involves all animation systems. Even the animation of an animal by a group of actors on the stage is a form of animation. Computer-generated cartoons, etc. animations are also called animations. Today such animations are used for television and cinema.
If we want to look for animation as a paragraph, we should look for it in the section "Entertainment services in tourism". In order to ensure that tourists have a good time and increase the demand for work, great efforts are made to use all the animations as a result. Any entertainment, to present an interesting program, is a set of all activities aimed at activating guests, that is, all animation activities. "Animator" is used in the sense of a person who animates, performs and moves. Animation has emerged as a social phenomenon. Since primitive communities, animations have been used in various ceremonies. Animations made using face painting, masks and accessories are still very common. It has become an indispensable element of gatherings and events. Although it has undergone certain changes over time, animation is a social activity that retains all the animating power it seeks to convey to people.
Key words: animation, animation in tourism, tourism, management

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