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Açar sözlər: informasiya, informasiya təhlükəsizliyi, kiberterrorizm

Problems of information security
The present stage of development is characterized by strong scientific and technical development, which includes high-tech industries. Thus, information and communication technologies (ICT) are one of the main factors influencing the formation of 21st century society. Their revolutionary influence is constantly growing on the security of people's livelihoods, their work and education, and the interaction between the state and civil society. ICT is becoming more and more important stimulus for world community development. However, more precisely, ET development is always accompanied by negative social impacts, including various types of crimes. The rapid development of computer technology, in particular, has led to the expansion of crimes related to electronic processing of information, including crime-related types of terrorism.
The article explores the problems of Information Security at the Airports, and cyber security caused by information security. Particular attention is paid to the illegal acquisition of information, the methods used to protect information, the use of illegally obtained information for personal gain, and the interference in the operation of life support facilities.
Key words: information, information security, cyberterrorizm 

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