Elcin Nizami Huseyn
Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University
doctor of biomedical sciences

Tissue engineering technology and tissue cell-based stem cell research have made great strides in treating tissue and organ damage, correcting tissue and organ dysfunction, and reducing surgical complications. In the past, traditional methods have used biological substitutes for tissue repair materials, while tissue engineering technology has focused on merging sperm cells with biological materials to form biological tissues with the same structure and function as their own tissues. The advantage is that tissue engineering technology can overcome donors. Material procurement restrictions can effectively reduce complications. The aim of studying tissue engineering technology is to find sperm cells and suitable biological materials to replace the original biological functions of tissues and to establish a suitable in vivo microenvironment. This article mainly describes the current developments of tissue engineering in various fields of urology and discusses the future trends of tissue engineering technology in the treatment of complex diseases of the urinary system. The results of the research in this article indicate that while the current clinical studies are relatively few, the good results from existing animal model studies indicate good prospects of tissue engineering technology for the treatment of various urinary tract diseases in the future.
Key words: Tissue engineering, kidney, ureter, bladder, urethra

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