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Rafael Abdullayev

Istanbul University 

Master in Pharmacy

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Mahbuba Valiyeva

Azerbaijan Medical University

Doctor of Science in Pharmacy

[email protected] 

Tohfa Nasibova

Azerbaijan Medical University

PhD in Pharmacy

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Pharmacovigilance, an essential procedure in healthcare, encompasses the identification, assessment, and prevention of adverse drug effects and other undesirable outcomes. Despite rigorous clinical trials conducted before medication release, some side effects may remain unidentified until after widespread usage. The National Pharmacovigilance Center of the Republic of Azerbaijan, operating under the Ministry of Health, plays a pivotal role in overseeing pharmacovigilance procedures. Citizens experiencing medication ineffectiveness or adverse effects are encouraged to report to the Analytical Expertise Center (AEC), facilitating thorough review and appropriate action. The AEC ensures patient safety by promptly addressing newly identified side effects and advising on reporting any adverse reactions, including those from traditional or alternative medicines. An increase in adverse event reports prompts governmental investigations, while strict confidentiality measures safeguard personal data. The AEC's systematic monitoring and evaluation, coupled with adherence to international standards and legal frameworks, contribute to enhancing drug safety. Regular updates on medication safety information are disseminated to healthcare professionals and the public, promoting informed medication use. Pharmacovigilance regulations, laws, and guidelines govern the AEC's operations, ensuring compliance and efficacy. Through collaborative efforts with healthcare institutions, the AEC conducts training to strengthen pharmacovigilance practices. Recruitment of pharmacovigilance representatives within medical facilities follows stringent criteria, emphasizing competence and timely reporting obligations. Overall, the AEC's vigilant oversight and proactive measures serve to optimize medication safety and uphold public health standards in Azerbaijan.

Keywords: Pharmacovigilance, pharmacy, Analytical Expertise Center, The State Agency for Compulsory Medical Insurance TABIB, PSMF, PSUR, RMP, GPvP

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