DOI: 10.36719/2663-4619/62/182-185
Хаяла Ахад гызы Багирова
Баку, Азербайджан


Ключевые слова: преступление, обстановка совершения преступления, расследование, следственная версия

Role of investigative versions in determining the situation of the commission of the crime

The event of a crime, its preparation, as well as the concealment of traces of the committed act take place in specific conditions of place, time and other factors. These conditions affect the criminal act in different ways, develop independently or at the will of the participants in the crime, and mainly characterize a certain external environment, other factors of objective reality. Investigation of crimes is one of the most important tasks facing law enforcements. In a forensic analysis of a crime during the investigation, traces that make up elements of the external environment and other factors can be identified and studied. The analysis allows you to collect forensic information about the situation that arose at the time of the crime. A correct assessment of the situation in the commission of a crime will allow to put forward versions, plan investigative actions and operational-search measures. In turn, forensic versions are the basis for planning a crime investigation.

Key words: crime, setting of the crime, investigation, investigative version

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