DOI: 10.36719/AEM/2007-2020/53/190-192
Aygun Akif Abbasova
Baku Slavic University


Key words: translanguaging, intercultural communication, educational process, bilingualism, multilingualism
Açar sözlər: translinqvizm, mədəniyyətlərarası ünsiyyət, tədris prosesi, bilinqvizm, multilinqvizm
Ключевые слова: транслингвизм, межкультурная коммуникация, образовательный процесс, двуязычие, многоязычие

At the turn of the millennium, humanity is undergoing dramatic changes, during which the world is transformed into a single global system, which significantly changes communication, political, economic, cultural and other spheres of life. Globalization has captured all spheres of human life and activity, including culture. Since language reflects culture, it is obvious that the phenomenon of universal unification has manifestations of a linguistic, linguocultural, sociocultural nature.
 On the one hand, scientists are worried about the fact that globalization leads to the extinction and even loss of a number of languages; on the other hand, the threat of extinction, on the contrary, leads to an increase in ethnic identity, the revival of national languages and cultures. And one more side of globalization processes is noted by scientists: the emergence and active development of translanguaging, the ability of bi- and multilinguals to collect information in at least two languages and transmit it through a third language. 

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