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Ключевые слова: преступность, несовершеннолетние, георгафия преступности, кража, структура преступности

State, structure and dynamics of regional juvenile delinquency
This article is devoted to the study of the state, structure, dynamics of juvenile delinquency in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Crime is a historically changeable social and criminal-legal negative phenomenon, representing a system of crimes committed on a certain territory in that or another period of time. A characteristic feature of adolescent criminality is a high degree of latency, which can also have a bad effect in the understanding of the foundations of society and its internal, psychological development. From the foregoing it is possible to draw a conclusion that crimes committed by teenagers to a large extent act as a predictive characteristic of crime as a whole. The crime of juveniles can be viewed in two senses: broad and narrow understanding. In the broadest sense, juvenile delinquency can be characterized as the entire set of qualitative and quantitative indicators of juvenile delinquency. In a narrow sense, under the crime of juveniles, one can understand the registered criminality of juveniles within a certain interval of time and territory.
Key words: crime, minors, geography of crime, theft, structure of crime

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